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Uczestnicy wydarzenia Wonderland Movie Cities Jelenia Góra

Movi Cities Festival - Wonderland Jelenia Góra Festival of Light - 2nd Edition (2023)

From 28th September to 30, 2023, Jelenia Góra-Cieplice played host to the second edition of the Movi Cities Festival, organized as part of the "Live, Reside, Work in Jelenia Góra" project.

The festival unfolded over three enchanting days filled with magic, art, and light, offering Jelenia Góra residents and tourists a mesmerizing experience, including:

  • Videomapping and Mapping: Transformative displays on the Zdrojowy Teatr Animacji and the Health Resort House building "LALKA."
  • POSEIDON Water Screen: A captivating aquatic spectacle on the Park Norweski pond.
  • Laser Show: Illuminating the stage in Park Zdrojowy.
  • Light Installation "Look! Wonderland!": Enchanting installations graced Plac Piastowski and Park Zdrojowy.
  • Art Installation (3D Model with Visualizations): A unique display at Park Zdrojowy, near the fountain at the Health Resort Building Edward.
  • Video Murals: Dynamic artworks in the passageways of the Wrocław University of Technology and on the wall of the building at Plac Piastowski 30.
  • Static Murals: Captivating murals at Plac Piastowski 32 and pl. Zdrojowy 2.

Adding to the festival's allure, live concerts took place on the stage in Park Zdrojowy:

  • Friday, 29th September: DJ INDEB, OPAŁ, and GIBBS.
  • Saturday, 30th September: Featuring performances by BRODKA and MROZU.
  • Sunday, 1st October: "Badach - Napiórkowski - Herdzin: Symphonic Dire Straits."

The festival drew a massive audience to Cieplice, resonating positively with both the local community and the tourists who graced our city.