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Movies about the adventures of Jelonek of Jelenia Góra - not only for a young audience

Enjoy the films about the adventures of the Jelonek of Jelenia Góra. These films were specifically crafted to facilitate educational classes on regionalism and local identity within educational institutions in Jelenia Góra.

Film I. Exploring the History of Jelenia Góra With Jelonek

Film II. Discovering the Districts of Jelenia Góra With Jelonek

Film III. Discovering the Districts of Jelenia Góra With Jelonek

Film IV. Exploring the Nearby and Distant Surroundings of Jelenia Góra With Jelonek

Film V. Understanding Today's Jelenia Góra With Jelonek

The Jelonek's song

"The guest is always right... in other words, about careers and work in the hotel."

An occupational and educational trip to the Mercure Jelenia Góra Hotel as part of the Career Fair - a series of meetings between students and entrepreneurs, organized from the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Góra!"

On September 27, 2022, a group of students from Primary School No. 11 in Jelenia Góra participated in an occupational and educational trip to the Mercure Hotel in Jelenia Góra.

The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the profession of a hotelier and the principles of hotel operation. The students were introduced to the workstations that can be found in a hotel. The hotel's managers introduced the young people to the hotel's organizational units and work areas, such as first floor services, reception services, floor services, catering, laundry, administration, technical department, conference services, recreation department, booking department, sales and marketing department. During a tour of the premises "from behind the scenes", an important element was pointed out: working in these departments requires separate qualifications and competencies, as well as personality traits. It was discussed what jobs are performed in each department. The scope of activities and requirements for each job were presented. It was also noted that it is crucial to have supra-occupational competencies checked and verified during recruitment to specific positions. The young people were shown around the visited facility, where they observed the work of people in particular positions and where they could also ask questions about specific professions.

At the meeting with the entrepreneur, the students learned a brief history of the Jelenia Góra hotel. The meeting participants also explained the range of standards for hotel facilities in terms of the stars awarded.

The Career Fair - a series of meetings between students and entrepreneurs are intended to assist young people in choosing their future profession and the associated choice of secondary school. 

We would like to thank the managers and employees of the Mercure Jelenia Gora Hotel for the warm welcome, professional service and pleasant atmosphere. 

W dniach 06.03 – 10.03.2023 młodzież z klas 7 i 8 jeleniogórskich szkół podstawowych (SP nr 11, SP nr 5 i SP nr 7) uczestniczyła w zorganizowanym przez Karkonoską Agencję Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. w ramach cyklu spotkań uczniów z przedsiębiorcami, spotkaniu w zakładzie VALMET Service and Technologies S.A w Cieplicach.

VALMET Service and Technologies S.A. is part of the global VALMET Group, a leader in manufacturing paper machines and production lines sold worldwide. The company is headquartered in Finland, has subsidiaries on all continents and has a total of about 17,500 employees.

At each of the meetings at Valmet, students were introduced to the entire process of paper machine production. They had the opportunity to learn about the specifics of work in each department - starting with the marketing, engineering, assembly, sales, purchasing, applications, the department that designs production line activities, logistics and shipping, and ending with the H.R. department.

On 01.03, 15.03 and 22.03, primary school students from grades 7 and 8 (Primary Schools No. 7, 5 and 2) participated in meetings at Jeleniogórskie Zakłady Optyczne. JZO is a plant that is part of the global EssiliorLuxottica group, a leader in producing eyeglass lenses, which are sold worldwide.

During their visits to JZO, the students were introduced to the entire process of manufacturing eyeglass lenses. They had the opportunity to learn about the marketing department, sales, purchasing, lens production, the department of tinting, curing and enrichment and embedding of lenses in eyeglass frames, the logistics department and H.R.

At each of the companies, the young people became acquainted with the various jobs. The managers of both companies, who were involved in the youth's visits, extensively discussed the range of activities performed at each position and the predispositions and psycho-physical qualities a candidate for a given position should possess.

The young people were presented with the development path in each company, indicating the possibility of performing work around the world, both in individual branches and during the launch of the production line at the customer. In addition, students were introduced to the offer of internships and apprenticeships, which they could pursue already at the secondary school level.

Young people actively participated in the meetings, asking questions about professional requirements, employment opportunities and salary levels for particular positions. Throughout the meetings, the necessity of foreign language skills, especially English, was often emphasized to be eligible for job positions at VALMET and JZO.

The entire series of 8 meetings this year was attended by 110 students.

The primary purpose of these meetings was to familiarize young people with professions and specialists, the working environment, and the general and specific requirements for candidates for employees of a particular company. Meetings between students and entrepreneurs at individual companies were aimed at assisting young people in planning their educational and career paths and facilitating such an important decision as choosing a secondary school.

On 25.03.2022 (Friday) and 26.03.2022 (Saturday), trips of the inhabitants of Jelenia Góra on snowshoes took place as part of the implementation of the task entitled: Following Karkonosz(the Giant)Snowshoeing combined with social integration. The task implemented under the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Góra!" is subsidised by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 in the program "Local Development".
Hiking in snowshoes and using trekking poles purchased under the project took place in the higher parts of the beaded path (KoralowaŚcieżka) and the area above the Karkonosze Gene Bank in Jelenia Gora- Jagniątków. The participants were the inhabitants of Jelenia Góra – children, young people and adults (there were five groups of wanderers during these 2 days. On the first day – three groups (7,25,15 persons) and two groups (27,33 persons) on the second day. Participants had a chance to hike in the snow banks at the end of winter. In the end, weary wanderers could cheer up with a hot meal and a sausage baked on the campfire.

The Amphibian Protection campaign began on 11 April 2022 on the road No. 366 between Jelenia Góra – Sobieszów and Podgórzyn. On the first day, protective fences were set up by employees of the Karkonosze National Park. On the next day, the official launch of the campaign was announced with invited guests, residents, students and teachers of the nearby Primary School No. 15. The event was also attended by representatives of radio and television. The event was combined with a broadly understood educational action on the useful role of amphibians, the need to protect them and the practical implementation of these measures. From April 12 to May 15, daily patrols were carried out by KPN employees to transfer amphibians through roadways and their inventory. The action ended with the dismantling of the fences.

21.10.2022 – 22.10.2022

Two nature tours organized as part of the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Góra!" have been completed. On Friday, 21.10.2022, a mycological excursion along hiking trails on Mount Chojnik in Jelenia Gora-Sobieszów took place, during which it was possible to discover the world of micro-fungi. On Saturday, 22.10.2022, the participants of the botanical excursion learned about the dendrological diversity of the Spa and Norway Park in Jelenia Gora-Cieplice. We thank all participants and invite them to the following tours!

Przewodnik wycieczki w grupie osób w środku lasu, trzyma w ręce żółty liść.

17.10.2022 r., 03.11.2022 r. i 01.12.2022 r.

Partner projektu – Karkonoski Park Narodowy przeprowadził w dniach 17.10.2022 r., 3.11.2022 r. i 1.12.2022 r. warsztaty pn. „Przerób – nie wyrzucaj”, w których wzięły udział w sumie 42 osoby. W trakcie 3 warsztatów krawieckich uczestniczki zajęć nauczyły się obsługiwać maszyny krawieckie, czyścić je i konserwować w podstawowym stopniu. Przerabiały stare ubrania i wykorzystywały inne nieużywane tkaniny na woreczki na pieczywo, zioła czy warzywa. Na kolejnych zajęciach wykorzystały niepotrzebne materiały do uszycia ozdób świątecznych – choinek oraz gwiazd patchworkowych.

18.10.2022 r. i 08.12.2022 r.

Warsztaty „Napraw – nie wyrzucaj” odbyły się w terminie 18.10.2022 r. oraz 8.12.2022 r. Na warsztaty stolarskie każdy z uczestników przyniósł własny drobny mebel i indywidualnie pod okiem prowadzącego dokonywał zabiegów renowacyjnych – czyszczenie, usuwanie starych powłok lakierniczych, uzupełnianie ubytków, malowanie/lakierowanie/bejcowanie. Niektórzy uczestnicy zajęć wykonali również elementy tapicerki.

Karkonoski Sejmik Osób Niepełnosprawnych [Karkonosze Association of Disabled Persons]

Karkonosze Regional Development Agency

Karkonosze National Park



Karkonoski Parki Narodowy [Karkonosze National Park] will carry out activities related to environmental education.

Karkonoska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. [Karkonosze Regional Development Agency] as a partner in the project will deal with the implementation of the measure Using the potential of residents for the economy of Jelenia Gora, except for meetings with entrepreneurs planned for execution by the Town of Jelenia Gora.

The application of accessibility standards during the design and implementation of the activities will be supervised by project partner – Karkonoski Sejmik Osób Niepełnosprawnych [Karkonosze Association of Disabled Persons], which will also implement a series of meetings in educational institutions on local identity and regionalism.

In cooperation with the communes: Bolków, Gryfów Śląski, Janowice Wielkie, Jeżów Sudecki, Karpacz, Kowary, Leśna, Lubomierz, Lwówek Śląski, Marciszów, Mirsk, Mysłakowice, Olszyna, Piechowice, Pielgrzymka, Stara Kamienica, Szklarska Poręba, Świeradów-Zdrój, Świerzawa, Wleń, Wojcieszów, Zagrodno, Gmina Miejska Złotoryja i Gmina Złotoryja and poviats: karkonoskim, lwóweckim i złotoryjskim a joint climate change adaptation plan will be developed for all communes of the Jelenia Góra Agglomeration.