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About the project

"LIVE, RESIDE, WORK IN JELENIA GORA!" project will be implemented within the framework of the Local Development Program in Q4 2021 - Q1 2024.

The project benefits from a grant of EUR 3,89 mln EUR received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and state budget funds.

The project will be 100% externally funded - 85% of its value will be funded by the EEA and NFM, and 15% by the state budget.

The project is implemented in partnership with:

  • Karkonoski Park Narodowy
  • Karkonoska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.,
  • Karkonoski Sejmik Osób Niepełnosprawnych,
  • communes and poviats of the Jelenia Góra Agglomeration

Karkonoski Parki Narodowy [Karkonosze National Park] will carry out activities related to environmental education.

Karkonoska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. [Karkonosze Regional Development Agency] as a partner in the project will deal with the implementation of the measure Using the potential of residents for the economy of Jelenia Gora, except for meetings with entrepreneurs planned for execution by the Town of Jelenia Gora.

The application of accessibility standards during the design and implementation of the activities will be supervised by project partner – Karkonoski Sejmik Osób Niepełnosprawnych [Karkonosze Association of Disabled Persons], which will also implement a series of meetings in educational institutions on local identity and regionalism.

In cooperation with the communes: Bolków, Gryfów Śląski, Janowice Wielkie, Jeżów Sudecki, Karpacz, Kowary, Leśna, Lubomierz, Lwówek Śląski, Marciszów, Mirsk, Mysłakowice, Olszyna, Piechowice, Pielgrzymka, Stara Kamienica, Szklarska Poręba, Świeradów-Zdrój, Świerzawa, Wleń, Wojcieszów, Zagrodno, Gmina Miejska Złotoryja i Gmina Złotoryja and poviats: karkonoskim, lwóweckim i złotoryjskim a joint climate change adaptation plan will be developed for all communes of the Jelenia Góra Agglomeration.

Main objective: to increase the standard of living of Jelenia Gora residents and improve the city's functioning as an attractive place to live and work.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Jelenia Góra - EKO-logical choiceimproving the attractiveness and quality of life,considering demographic challenges and the potential of the natural environment.

Desirable courses of action: increasing the attractiveness of the city as a place to live, improving air quality, clean city, development of bicycle paths, ecological education, etc.

2. Jelenia Góra – the mountain of possibilities – increase the competitiveness and economic attractiveness of Jelenia Góra.

Desirable courses of action: attracting investors, development of human resources, economic cooperation, development of the city's investment offer, adaptation of teaching directions to the needs of the labour market, vocational education, increase in entrepreneurship of residents, etc.

3. Potential for the future – building civil societyand local identity.

Desirable courses of action: creating a city brand, community cooperation, integration of residents, promotion of the city, the development of cultural and recreational offer, building local identity, etc.

4. Improve the performance standards and competence of local public administrations.

5. Improve the quality and accessibility of public services.

Desirable courses of action: high quality of services provided to residents, including increasing the availability of e-services, etc.

6. Development of social dialogue.

Desired directions of activities: increase in local activity, increase in integration of residents, encouraging residents to become involved in the development of the city and local activities, etc.

The project will implement investment tasks and so-called soft (non-investment) tasks.

Project Story

The call for applications for the Local Development program was aimed at the Polish communes with urban status, listed among the 255 towns identified in the Strategy for Responsible Development.

The competition was intended to support small and medium-sized cities in their development and implementation of a sustainable and systemic approach to local development, thus reducing negative development phenomena and raising their residents' standard of living.

The program is designed to support cities in the most challenging socio-economic situation in developing and implementing a sustainable approach to local development, thus reducing negative development phenomena.

The projects will provide for strategic, integrated and comprehensive city management aimed at improving the situation of residents related to, among other things, broad environmental protection (including efficient and clean energy, sustainable transportation), social policy (including poverty reduction, accessibility, housing policy, social innovation, employment, health, education, social participation) and support for the local labour market and entrepreneurship. The projects will also aim to raise the level of competence, thequality-of-service delivery and accountability of local administration, contributing to building residents' trust in local authorities as institutions administering local development.

22 July 2019

The city of Jelenia Góra, together with 213 other cities, submitted an outline of the project under the "Local Development" Programme.

19 December 2019

The application of the City of Jelenia Góra (outline of the project) was selected as one of 54 applications for the second stage of the call for proposals under the "Local Development" Programme financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Jelenia Góra received (ex aequo with the city of Krosno) the most points out of all Cities qualified for the second stage.

December 2019- December 2020

Period of intensive work on the preparation of the complete project proposal (together with the Local Development Plan and the Institutional Development Planwith the support of experts from the Association of Polish Cities and the Institute of Urban and Regional Development.

One of the key assumptions when creating the project plan was to ensure the co-decision of all interested social groups on the directions of the city's development. The stage of preparation of the Project Outline, the stage of elaboration of the Complete Project Proposal and its implementation, consider the involvement of the local community in all activities.

The call, which lasted until the end of August 2020, was open to all residents of Jelenia Gora, and information related to the call was available on the City's website and social networks.

Residents had the opportunity to submit projects, investments, events, promotional actions, activities improving the functioning of the Jelenia Góra City Hall and improving the quality of services provided, as well as other projects that should be implemented in the coming years in Jelenia Góra.

The city planned the project implementation in cooperation with partners from outside the public finance sector. Non-governmental organisations, business environment institutions, business associations and housing cooperatives were invited to participate in the open recruitment of partners.

15 December 2020

The formal evaluation process of 54 complete project proposals submitted in the call for proposals has been completed. 53 complete project proposals qualified for the substantive evaluation stage..

09 July 2021

Jelenia Góra was selected as one of 29 cities – Applicantswhose projects were selected for funding.

08 November 2021

The appointment, by order of the Mayor of Jelenia Gora, of a Team for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Local Development Plan and the Institutional Development Plan, i.e., the plans implemented under the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Góra!"

01 December 2021 

The Mayor of the City of Jelenia Gora, Mr Jerzy Łużniak, countersigned by the Treasurer, Mr Jacek Kopeć, and Mr Grzegorz Puda, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, signed an agreement for the implementation of the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Gora!", as a result of which the City of Jelenia Gora will receive more than PLN 15 million (EUR 3.371 million) for the implementation of the project.