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Okładka publikacji o trzmielach Szkoła przyjazna zapylaczom

Environmental education

We invite you to read the results of the educational action conducted in Jelenia Góra schools under the title "Bumblebee-Friendly School." This initiative involved workshops on creating insect-friendly spaces around schools, with a specific focus on pollinating insects.

Młodzież podczas spotkania młodych - Akureyri 2023

Polish-Icelandic Youth Meetings - Akureyri 2023

From June 26th to July 1st, 2023, students from Jelenia Góra had the opportunity to engage in discussions with colleagues from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. They explored topics such as the functioning of youth city councils, youth participation in social life, cooperation with local governments, and the importance of tolerance. The young participants also took part in art and community workshops [...]

Nowa nawierzchnia ul. Konopnickiej

Reconstruction of the pavement of the historic city centre

The aim of this measure is to implement solutions that improve the accessibility of urban space for residents and tourists, regardless of their mobility or cognitive ability. With the implementation of this measure, the historic centre of Jelenia Gora will become more accessible to various groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, travellers with large luggage [...]