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Uczestnicy spotkania z Prezydentem w sali Arka na Zabobrzu

Meeting of the Mayor of the City of Jelenia Gora with residents of Zabobrze

Another meeting of the Mayor of Jelenia Gora with residents was held on December 7, 2022. The meeting was held at the Arka Jelenia Góra hall in Zabobrze. It began with information on the project “Live, reside, work in Jelenia Gora!”. After this part, the Mayor of the City, through a multimedia presentation, provided information to the participants of the meeting on investments implemented in Jelenia Gora since 2018, i.e. the beginning of his term. After the presentation, the residents had the opportunity to ask questions. Topics discussed included:

  1. Parking spaces for the disabled at ul.Kiepury 43
  2. Improving traffic flow at the WOŚP roundabout
  3. Pavement at Wiłkomirskiego - too high.
  4. Podwale – renovation of the retaining wall
  5. Talks about citizens of Ukraine
  6. Parking for buses
  7. Pedestrian crossing by the hospital - an extension of the green light for pedestrians
  8. Road repair at Różyckiego - Library/Post Office

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