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Młodzieży z islandzkiego Akureyri w Jeleniej Górze

Visit of Young People from Akureyri, Iceland, to Jelenia Góra

From 28th September to 2nd October, 2023, Jelenia Góra warmly welcomed a group of 10 vibrant young individuals from the Icelandic city of Akureyri, accompanied by their guardians. This enriching visit was orchestrated as a crucial component of international collaboration within the framework of the "Live, Reside, Work in Jelenia Góra!" project.

The Icelandic youth, joined by Jelenia Góra secondary school students who had previously visited Akureyri in June of the same year, engaged in a diverse range of activities, including:

  • Social Workshops: Delving into discussions on the functioning of youth in social life, drawing comparisons between Poland and Iceland.
  • Guided Tour of Jelenia Góra: Exploring the historical and cultural facets of the city.
  • Creative Workshops: Involving the creation of fusion jewellery and costumes, as well as choreography and music workshops.
  • Nature Exploration: A visit to the Nature and Education Center of Karkonoski Park Narodowy at Pałac Sobieszów.
  • Culinary Experience: A hands-on cooking workshop at the Complex of Technical and Industrial Schools, focusing on the preparation of pierogi, a traditional Polish dumpling.

The youth actively participated in the events of the 2nd edition of MOVI CITIES - Wonderland Jelenia Góra Festival of Light, adding to the vibrancy of the cultural experience. Additionally, they collaborated to create a captivating music video – an invitation for all to enjoy.

This enriching visit of young people from Iceland to Jelenia Góra was expertly organized by the Jelenia Góra Cultural Center.