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Workshops “Recycle– don’t throw away” and “Repair – don’t throw away.”

On 17.10.2022, 3.11.2022 and 1.12.2022, the project partner – Karkonoski Park Narodowy (the Karkonosze National Park), conducted a workshop entitled “Recycle– don’t throw away” in which a total of 42 people participated. In 3 sewing workshops, participants learned how to operate sewing machines, clean them and maintain them to a basic level. They converted old clothes and used other unused fabrics to make bags for bread, herbs or vegetables. In another class, they used redundant materials to sew Christmas decorations - Christmas trees and patchwork stars.

Workshops “Repair – don’t throw away” were held on 18.10.2022 and 8.12.2022. At the carpentry workshop, each participant brought their own small piece of furniture and, under the instructor’s guidance, carried out renovation procedures - cleaning, removing old varnish coatings, filling cavities, painting/varnishing/staining. Some of the participants also made upholstery elements.

We invite you to follow the FB profile of the Karkonoski National Park, where you will find information about future events.