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Visit of Representatives from the City of Jelenia Góra in Akureyri

From 14th November to 15, a delegation led by President Renata Kwiatek from UMJG [Jelenia Góra Town Hall], along with representatives from city companies, MZK sp. z o.o., and Termy Cieplickie, embarked on a study visit to the enchanting Icelandic city of Akureyri.

Building upon the groundwork laid during the Icelandic delegation's visit to Jelenia Góra in September of the same year, the working groups continued their collaborative efforts. Discussions in Akureyri focused on the digitization plans for citizen services, exchanging experiences, and addressing challenges encountered by both cities in the digitization processes.

The delegation explored the municipal management company's headquarters, delving into the Icelandic party's expertise in utilizing thermal water for geothermal heating of public and private properties.

A comprehensive understanding of the operation of the municipal composting plant, where biomethane is extracted from bio-waste and subsequently used as fuel for public transport buses, was also gained.

The visit provided insights into the operational model of the city's cultural institutions, with a particular focus on the HOF cultural centre. Apart from hosting concerts and theatrical performances, HOF also accommodates a local music school and a recording studio.

A meeting with a representative of the EIMUR association offered a glimpse into projects aimed at optimizing resource utilization in the northern part of Iceland.

The collaborative efforts initiated during this visit will extend into the coming months.