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The 1st MOVI CITIES Festival –The Jelenia Góra Festival of Light has ended

From September 30 to October 2, 2022, the "Movi Cities Festival" - the Jelenia Góra Festival of Light took place in the centre of Jelenia Góra.

During the three festival days, performances were held in front of the Jelenia Gora audience on two stages (near the Church of the Elevation of the Holy Cross and on the Town Hall Square):

  • Stanisław Soyka z Grott Orkiestrą,
  • Tomasz Szymuś Orkiestra,
  • O.S.T.R,
  • Sarsa,
  • Artur Andrus
  • LemON.

"The Spirit of the Mountains – the Lord of the Karkonosze" mapping shows, "Reflection of Light - Mountain Forests" video installations, "Enchanted in the Heart of the Rocks" multimedia shows projected on the water curtain, water and fire dance (fountains) and "Eye of the Forest" laser shows were presented on the Town Hall building and in the Town Hall Square space.

Additional shows included mapping displays "There was an underground rustling that sounded like a deafening sigh" on buildings, no. 3 and 5 at ul. 1 Maja, mapping installations "We are all nature's spirits" at the Wojanowska Gate, architectural illuminations on the Town Hall, tenement buildings at the Town Hall Square and St. Ann's Chapel along the Downtown Main Street.

The "I am a light" animation was prepared and performed on Saturday for children. The effects of these activities could be admired as mappings on the Town Hall building.

It is estimated that about 11,000 people attended the concerts and watched the mappings, illuminations, multimedia shows, etc., displayed on buildings in the centre of Jelenia Gora during the festival days.

The festival was entirely financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 under the "Local Development" Program, the project "Live, reside, work in Jelenia Góra!".